The Vision Will Be Fulfilled

A love letter from Jesus.     “Don’t lose your confidence in faith because of what you don’t see happening. The vision is a true witness to what is coming. Trust boldly that the vision is on the way and it will not lie. Stay in hope and wait with ease as you believe for the manifestation. What I have […]

A Master of the Night

A love letter from Jesus.       “You are a master of the night, soaring by faith and not by sight. Use your promise as your focus to propel yourself in the dark, when the sight and distance to fulfillment is unclear. Fly above your circumstances as you listen to the Words that I have spoken before. Let the […]

The Tiger Path of Success

The vision will not fail, it will surely come. On the Tiger path, you will chase it down. Even though there has been resistance, what has been against you is coming down. You are being elevated, a change is happening now. On the path that Jesus leads, the vision will manifest. Though it tarries, wait for it, because it will […]

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