Overnight Surprise

A love letter from the Father     An overnight surprise of answered prayers is sooner than you think. In the anticipation of waiting, stir up the wonder of your child-like faith. Imagination is the beginning of a dream emerging from out of sight.      Watch diligently for the hope to materialize, as I flow through your faith-filled determination. […]

It’s Time for a Miracle Baby

A love letter from Jesus.      Prepare for what you have asked for, it’s time for a miracle baby. Everything will be possible. Believing is the gateway to receiving. You have to decide to be blessed, as you think it will be. Have faith in Me! Anchor yourself into joy, as you trust that what you have prayed for […]

The Vision Will Be Fulfilled

A love letter from Jesus.     “Don’t lose your confidence in faith because of what you don’t see happening. The vision is a true witness to what is coming. Trust boldly that the vision is on the way and it will not lie. Stay in hope and wait with ease as you believe for the manifestation. What I have […]

Extra Comforting Good News

A love letter from the Father.        I will cause your hopes to manifest to give you a lift and I will alleviate the feelings of distress. Your confidence and trust in Me have brought out many blessings for you!    As a moonflower blooming only in the night, suddenly what you believe will come true, as a […]

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