Unstoppable Kindness

A love letter from the Father.      Dearest darling, never become sad or discouraged by thoughts of experiencing bad. Hear My words and let them soak in, like warm water washing over your toes and melting away the bitter sand.    Don’t look down with disappointment just yet. This day has not even finished. There are treasures hidden for […]

I Am Not Far Away

A love letter from Jesus. “Be still, dear heart. I am not far away, but I am here. I know every word before you speak My dearest darling. I am your Comforter, your Friend, and a Lifesaver for your needs. Trust in My unfailing love, I am always good. Lean into My arms and let Me hold you through this […]

Have Confidence in Who I AM

Like water filling in my lungs, the desperation of my needs were piling up. Tears were filling my heart, out of my eyes they were close an overflow. The Lord had brought me into the deep waters of faith, a place where I had never been before. Like a trustful child, I stepped in, putting my life in His hands […]

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