A Fountain of Surprises

A love letter from Jesus     Although My promise to you may look laughably impossible, don’t count Me out or underestimate what I can do. I told you that I would cause you to laugh with sheer joy–and that is what I will do.    My dear, there is still time. Keep hoping to the end and remember that […]

Make Room

A love letter from the Father     My darling child, don’t worry about a thing. It’s time to get out of the thoughts of survival and make room for the fulfillment that you have requested from Me.    Surrender into the outcome that you prayed about and embrace the joy of a whole new life. Rest under My wings […]

Here Comes the First Wave

A love letter from the Father       Darling child, why be troubled and cry? Don’t be afraid, only keep believing that something miraculous is about to happen. Relax, everything is going to be okay.   Take in a deep breath and exhale out the tensions from stress. Breathe, everything has been coming together, even though you didn’t notice […]

Everything You Hoped For

A love letter from the Father     I understand that it hurt to be attacked when you were tired and barely able to put one foot in front of another. However, I am delivering relief and you’ll no longer be kicked around or left wanting.    Relax, those things that you have worried about are out of the picture. […]

Missing the Dance

    I went through a time of a deep heart decision over the past week. God had (yet again) miraculously covered our room for the November 21st deadline and I was so utterly exhausted of having my faith stretching to such extreme levels. I decided that I was getting off of this ride and that I would find some […]

I will do it all for you!

A love letter from the Father     I will help you. Take a deep breath and don’t worry, My treasured one. It’s still a little early, so have faith and trust that good things will come.   Don’t think the worst nor doubt My love, I will always be wonderful to you! Always look for the best and keep […]

You Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Before

A love letter from the Father       Slow down, there’s no need to hurry. Rest under My care and I will refresh you for your journey. Don’t be afraid of where this path will lead. Certainly, go ahead, you are surrounded by My impenetrable and impassible security.    Make the commitment to follow My plan, even when I […]

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