A Fountain of Surprises

A love letter from Jesus     Although My promise to you may look laughably impossible, don’t count Me out or underestimate what I can do. I told you that I would cause you to laugh with sheer joy–and that is what I will do.    My dear, there is still time. Keep hoping to the end and remember that […]

Here Comes the First Wave

A love letter from the Father       Darling child, why be troubled and cry? Don’t be afraid, only keep believing that something miraculous is about to happen. Relax, everything is going to be okay.   Take in a deep breath and exhale out the tensions from stress. Breathe, everything has been coming together, even though you didn’t notice […]

Early Arrival

A love letter from the Father       My cherished child, do you think that I would withdraw My promise from you or take back the words that I have already spoken? Of course not! My promise to you is here for good–as sure as the sun. My loving support for you is dependable as the phases of the […]

Surprises Happen Every Day

A love letter from the Father     Dear little child, don’t worry about a thing, because nothing bad is going to happen. I give so much attention to the wind, the seedlings, and such things that are rarely ever seen. Of course, I will attend to your needs. I love you and I will give you My best!   […]

Surprises of Kindness

A love letter from the Father       Although you cannot see what will happen next or the twists and turns along the path, I will light the way and show you unordinary demonstrations of My protecting and provisional love. You will be rescued from every fear taking place. I will wrap you securely in the comfort of My […]

Confidence Beyond Measure

A love letter from the Father       You are constantly connected to My loving provision and loyal protection–even when you don’t see it. I knew about your needs, even before you did. Settle into a deep sense of faith and trust that all that you desire will be richly provided.    Don’t be worried or in dread over […]

Because Anything is Possible.

A love letter from Jesus     Come closer dear, far away from your troubles and worries. Let Me protect you from the outside clutter and chaos. Get away from the pain as I help you unwind and breathe freely.     Don’t worry so much about what will happen, I will always give you a chance to relax before a […]

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