Face Your Fears

A love letter from Jesus.      “When you feel weak, lean into Me. I love you so much! I am your impenetrable Refuge and mighty Strength. A very present and well-proved help in trouble. I am the warm light when the sky is grey, to lift the sadness away.     I am not mad at you, but I […]

Joy Follows Suffering

A love letter from Jesus.    How long O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?  Psalm 13:1   “In My secret hiding place, I will shield you and answer your prayers. You will find peace like a river amidst the pressure and well being like the waves of the sea. I […]

Sure-Footed Faith

  A love letter from the Lord.    “Your faith will grow strong from all that you have been through, making you fearlessly brave and confident in My help. You are never alone. Sink deep into My love, in the water so clear that fear is no longer present. I will bring you through and you will emerge ANEW with […]

Your Time is a Time of Love

A word for those selected who have been well acquainted with the furnace of suffering.    The twinkling lights have been hung on the banister. Evening brings a romantic breeze, while the Spanish moss sways in the trees. The air is rich with the splendid aromas of lilies and lavender, while violins play a whimsical theme. From out of the road […]

You Are A Diamond

  You are a diamond.   In the darkest part of the earth, the diamond is formed.   The diamond is created in an unquenchable heat, nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. In the pressure, you were cut and broken. As a diamond is clear and pure.   The pain made strength. The word diamond is taken from the Greek word, Adamas, which […]

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