Better than you Dreamed

A love letter from Jesus.       You have stayed in this place for long enough, it is time to go in and take possession of the blessings. This is My gift to you with grace abounding. Everything that troubles you has already been settled. The opposite of the curses is the blessings that I gave. You don’t have […]

A Time to Speak

  Like Esther, who God had chosen for a historical moment of time,  you have also been chosen to speak. An anointing of deliverance and authority has been under your tongue, released by the words that you speak.    This is a word for those like Esther, from Father and a release of healing from fear. Be blessed.   “It […]

Put on your Royal Robes and Come Forward

A Father’s love letter to the one who has been pushed down and in hiding. The Cinderella’s and Prince Charming’s who need to reveal themselves. It takes courage to step through the peoples and the old labels of accusation. You were given a purpose in the Kingdom by the one who created you. You may think your not qualified or […]

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