Rain on the Way

A love letter from the Father   Relax and rest, I have heard your cries. Even in the place of desperation and pain, I will pour out the blessings of plentiful rain. I will rescue you and shower you with blessings! Your place of emptiness and need will be restored and filled.    Although it looks like there is nothing […]

Don’t Look Back

A love letter from the Father     Allow Me to lighten you with the relief of what you can expect from Me. The best days are ahead. I am taking you to the next level and lifting you to the top. You will encounter exceedingly more of My goodness than you have ever thought.    Your onward days will […]

Now You Will See and Believe

  A love letter from the Father.        In this place of profound grief and pain, the elegance that you once knew seems to droop like a flower that has wilted away. Loss after loss, it felt like a tornado ripped through the sun-lit way. Or like water running out of a shattered jar, you know very well […]

New Feathers

A love letter from the Father.      I can see that you are disappointed, but all things are not as they seem. I have not forgotten your request and all that you have lost is being replaced. Like a bird whose sheath covering has worn away to allow for the feather vanes to spread out and increase, all that […]

Not as it Seems

A love letter from Jesus.        This is a time when things are not as they seem. A promise so close but appears so far away. Don’t trust how it feels, it’s closer than you are even aware. Your fairy tale is coming true, in a time that seems too soon. Unthinkable things will happen, beyond what you […]

Never Saw Coming

A love letter from the Father.       Do not be afraid, I will lift you up out of these sorrows and your cup will never be empty again. Your reward for loyalty and trusting in My words will be exceedingly immense. What you believe is what will flower in your life as what is on the inside comes […]

Restoring Hope

A love letter from the Father.    From the disappointment, you went off with a heavy heart. You could not comprehend how it could be so far off. But you didn’t understand My ways or the plans that I have made for you. Don’t worry you are on the right path. I count the stars by number and call them […]

A Promise Breaks Through

A love letter from the Father     My prophetic word to you is like an eagle being born. From the inside of the egg, the chick pokes a hole through the top. My Word is alive and active, sharp to breakthrough. The chicks hatch the egg without any help from their parents. My Promise is a gift. Believe and […]

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