A Hero to Change Everything

A love letter from Jesus     My dear one, I have seen your miserable complaint and how you have chosen to stay optimistic with faith. Do not fear, I will not let you down. I love you too much! Forget your worries and rest easy. I will take over from here.    Sit back and watch as everything unfolds […]

Another Level

A love letter from Jesus     Breathe, dear heart. Things are not truly as they appear or seem. This is a time for blessings and revenge against your enemies. Don’t believe the lies that there is no more support or nothing good for you. It is quite the opposite!    You have reached another level and there will be […]

To Show You How Much You Are Loved

A love letter from the Father       You will weep no longer, My lovely child. I will be gracious to answer your cries for help. Don’t be afraid, My dear little one. How truly I love you! I will remember to take care of you and show you how much you are loved.    You are like a […]

Complete Trust

A love letter from Jesus   Quiet your fears, My beloved, and rest safely in My arms. I will protect you all throughout the day and shelter you with My love. Calm your breathing and be still, everything will be alright. I will help you again, just like the last time!    This day is special! It is not a […]

Rest with the Cows

A love letter from the Father     Rest with the cows and recline with satisfied relief. You will enjoy the plentiful ground of My goodness and indulge in the delights of living with privilege. I never miss anything and I am ready to deliver the comforting fulfillment that I promised.    Just as a cow loves to peacefully graze […]

When the Time is Right

A love letter from the Father       Place your promises into My care and let go of trying to make things happen. Like a mother sea turtle with tears streaming down her face as she lays her eggs in the sand and leaves them alone, without being able to protect them from danger.    Believe in My intentional […]

Everything Will Be Completely Different

  A love letter from Jesus   The troubles that you know are changing into something much more enjoyable. Just take a moment to breathe and you will be feeling better.    Everything will be okay. You don’t have to be afraid, I will stay right here with you. When undesirable things come along, it is the perfect opportunity for […]

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