Monsoon Rains

A love letter from the Father.        I am changing your direction in the midst of a seasonal-shift of high winds. In the place that you are expected to fight, you will rest in an abounding overflow of My loving support and healing. The storm of tempest winds is causing a rapid overflow of monsoon blessings.   Take […]


A love letter from the Father.        Don’t worry dear, it won’t be long now. A new day is dawning, as the sunlight cracks open the darkness. The clouds are drifting away as revitalizing rains wash the sorrow and pain away.    I assure you that the expectation of your hope is not over, so don’t be afraid. […]

Baby Rest

    A love letter from Papa God.      It’s time to cross this river and cut the cords that bind. It’s time to move forward and leave the past behind. Wade into the waters of absolute trust and I will take you to the other side. We will leave this place and never come back. I am taking […]

Restart Life After Sorrow

    A love letter from Jesus.     O dear soul, with the hurting heart. In sorrow, I am your healing. When sadness comes unannounced and the harps turn to mourn. Dew covers the roses like tears and the lilies of the valley hang their heads low. The clouds release the water that was building up and sometimes when […]

Uniquely You

    A love letter from Jesus   Close your eyes and see. I have placed an Emerald necklace on your neck to show you who you are to Me. An emerald is a gem significant for royalty and romance. Like an emerald, you are unique, exquisite in every way.   Some emeralds are highly valued for their internal fractures. […]

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