Comforting Love

    The night after I posted the blog of confessing an area where I had made a mistake called, “My Lesson About Dishonor”, ( I met Jesus as my soul Physician in a dream. He told me that I was going to be taken through a spiritual procedure that would reveal a root cause of a problem I was […]

Healing from the Trauma

      I heard a story yesterday about a person that was facing impossible-looking situations like I have had to go through. From a natural standpoint, it was doomed and this person was in so much anguish by looking at the obstacles to overcome. The anguish was to the point of wanting to give up and no longer carry […]

Rest in Your Position

  A love letter from King Jesus.      “Enter a new place of extreme relaxation, fully rest in your position as My bride. Have confidence in My all-protective and providing love. I am a shield to keep you safe by My side. I promise to stand by you in all things and provide for you with tenderness and protection. […]

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