Early Arrival

A love letter from the Father       My cherished child, do you think that I would withdraw My promise from you or take back the words that I have already spoken? Of course not! My promise to you is here for good–as sure as the sun. My loving support for you is dependable as the phases of the […]

You Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Before

A love letter from the Father       Slow down, there’s no need to hurry. Rest under My care and I will refresh you for your journey. Don’t be afraid of where this path will lead. Certainly, go ahead, you are surrounded by My impenetrable and impassible security.    Make the commitment to follow My plan, even when I […]

In the Palm of My Hand

A love letter from the Father       Beat the heat of these pressures and find refuge from the war. You are safe in the palm of My hand–and I will protect you! I love you beyond measure, so expect good news. Be optimistic that things will turn out just as you hope.   I am guarding every detail […]

Sweet To Be Loved

A love letter from the Father     Don’t be sad anymore or inconsolable with worrisome thoughts. It will be alright, there is nothing that can hurt you now. You will be astonished by My attention to detail and generous help.    I will be your Shelter through the storm and a mighty source of help. You are protected on […]

Surprises of Kindness

A love letter from the Father       Although you cannot see what will happen next or the twists and turns along the path, I will light the way and show you unordinary demonstrations of My protecting and provisional love. You will be rescued from every fear taking place. I will wrap you securely in the comfort of My […]

Another Level

A love letter from Jesus     Breathe, dear heart. Things are not truly as they appear or seem. This is a time for blessings and revenge against your enemies. Don’t believe the lies that there is no more support or nothing good for you. It is quite the opposite!    You have reached another level and there will be […]

Trust My Love

A love letter from the Father     Just because nothing seems to be moving, doesn’t mean it’s not. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay. Have a little faith in Me, I will not forget you in the time of your need.   Oh beloved, don’t be afraid of falling. I will help you find your way […]

Your Life is About to Change

A love letter from the Father     Be at ease. Everything is under control and will be alright. Once again, this scene will shift with a surprise plot twist. Loosen the knots in your neck and give your worries to Me.    I will be all that you ever need! I am lifting away the tension so that you […]

Sooner Than You Know

A love letter from the Father     From the surface of this situation, it seems like a storm-tossed ocean in chaos and upheaval. The ocean waves came rolling in with force, crashing in with a fury of troubles that seem so real.    Although the symptoms that you see are active on the surface, My promise remains unmovable under […]

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