A Promised Land

A love letter from the Father     You can count on what you hope to be done. What you fear is not as it appears. Those threats of fear will dissolve the moment that you disallow the dreadful thoughts, doubts, and worries to circulate in your mind.     Take back the ownership of your thoughts and don’t give those […]

Farewell to Bitter Days

A love letter from the Father.      Just breathe and relax. I will tell you the truth about what is to come. My child,  do not tremble or be afraid, you are bouncing back to better days. I am lifting you up to a place of delightful rest and dissolving the pain as you soak under My comforting love.  […]

Beauty from the Inside Out

    A love letter from the Father.      I know that you don’t understand some of the things that you have suffered and why the fulfillment of your prayers had to take so much longer. It may have seemed like a stormy cloud came unannounced to cause the materialization of your hopes to collapse into resentful emptiness.    […]

A New Page

A love letter from the Father.   Everything is new and this is a new page! Your new life is taking shape and being framed by My unseen promises becoming visible and tangible before your very eyes.    You have a whole new way to feel, think, and explore. You will need to adjust to the new way that things […]

More the Merrier

A love letter from the Father.     The pain that tried to break you down is now coming back to you as tangible beauty. The turbulent sorrows that you have endured are like the heavy dust that causes a star to emerge. The tangled knots of disappointments have changed, like a cosmic event of stars being born into fulfilled […]

Adding Something Extra

A love letter from the Father.      You have endured an extremely low place of suffering that extends beyond the sea level. Falling like a starfish onto the ocean floor, you have experienced hopeless desperation that is far lower than the turban depression. You walked through the fiery pressure of your needs and the dry flaming mountains of the […]

Everything Has Come Together

A love letter from the Father.        Everything has come together now. The pieces have all fit in place and My promises have aligned perfectly to deliver good news and a sigh of relief. Be at peace, everything will turn out good. Don’t worry- you have the victory!   There will be no disappointment for you or those […]

Sleep Among the Stars

A love letter from the Father.        Do not be afraid, My child. I am always your shield and protection so there is no reason to run away from anything that terrifies you. Surrender your fears to Me and simply believe. Your reward for loyalty and trust will be immense. I will give you the opposite of what […]

Miracle Healing

A love letter from Jesus.      I am taking you to a place of heightened awareness of My intentional love. It will begin to be that as soon as you speak that you are expecting with excitement for Me to make My presence tangible to you with miracles of transformational healing.    Trust in Me completely and surrender every […]

Brand New Day

  A love letter from the Father.         Out in the garden, there are treasures that you have hidden away. They are growing too big to hide and soon you will see what I have given to you.      Don’t grieve over the present or past, the best is ahead. I have given you a promise of […]

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