Making Jello

  I had this vision a few days ago that appeared out of nowhere. The Lord showed me that He was going to help me “make Jello”. After I received the vision, I fought against it and I prayed that it would be anything other than Jello.    The reason that it brought me so much distress is because I […]

A Miracle Will Happen

A love letter from the Father     Spread your dreams under My wings and surrender them to Me. Everything will happen on it’s own, there is no need to force anything. I will keep your dreams safe and sure, where no vermin can destroy and no thieves can break in and steal.    While you may expect to see […]

The Other Side

A love letter from the Father      I am here and I understand your pain. Let’s move beyond being stuck between your present pain and what is coming to be. Together we can do anything. My power is ever-present and beyond understanding.    I can see you on the other side of this–basking in the truest beauty of fulfillment. […]

Where the Roses Bloom

A love letter from the Father     Darling, don’t be afraid. I have seen your troubles and the crisis of your soul. You will always be steady in My support. My love is wrapping around every detail of your life to calm and soothe you from feeling uneasy and anxious.    You are about to encounter an extra dose […]

Touch the Stars

A love letter from the Father     You have given so much joy to others, it is time for you to have it too. I am sweeping in to grant your heart’s desire and turn your prayers into tangible treasures. Your greatest strength at this moment is the intentionality of My devout and ever-present love.    I am right […]


A love letter from the Father.      Don’t give up now, this promise is coming to the surface. I want you to know that I have been training your heart and mind to receive and embrace what I have promised.   My love has given you freedom from limitations. Like the ocean water that forever flows, you have unlimited […]

The Fulfillment is Unavoidable

A love letter from the Father.      The cruel and bitter wind has blown against your face day after day. It has been cold and difficult with too little comfort and too many pangs. The joy that once danced on your lips seems to have vanished like leaves that were stripped away leaving tree branches barren.   Expecting the […]

Absorbing Pain

      Before I even write this, I just want to say that I might delete it lol. This one is really hard for me because it is raw, painful, and vulnerable. Yet, as usual, the Lord is asking me to step out of the boat of self-comfort for a moment to write to you.    I had an […]

While Expecting

A love letter from Jesus       In the birth pangs of waiting, you inwardly sigh and yearn for the fulfillment of My promise.  Knowing it’s going to happen but not knowing when can be very frustrating as you cry out and ache for the deliverance.    The restless part is the waiting and sometimes that can be a […]

Best of Both Worlds

A love letter from Jesus        Let Me help you forget those troubles and get ready for a turn-around change. Put your hands in Mine and wipe those tears away. Don’t be afraid, I am here. Let Me take those unnecessary burdens and allow those worries to evaporate as you hand them over.    The burden of struggling […]

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