Toasting Marshmallows

  The place where we stay is not like a normal apartment or housing situation. There is no lease, so if I do not pay the exact moment that the rent is due, then we have to evacuate immediately. It is through a vacation rental company and it is way more expensive than it ought to be.    We are […]

Flowing Forward

A love letter from Jesus     No more tears, no more crying. I will answer your prayers and save you from the need that is coming. Entrust yourself to My care and don’t be afraid. Trust My provisions to flow up like a bubbling fountain when you need it.    A river of My endless love is moving within […]

You’ll See For Yourself

A love letter from the Father       Don’t worry, I am here to help and you will be shown, incredible love! I am present with every move of your life, never missing a beat. I am watching over your concerns and guarding every breath that you take.    Have no fear before your eyes and rest in My […]

Revealing the Hidden

A love letter from the Father      Take a deep breath and quiet your thoughts. I am now revealing the hidden workings of My intentional love. You will see what I have been doing behind the scenes and you’ll discover My fingerprints in every detail.    You will see My unseen movements as I suddenly open up paths that […]