Going Alone

    Yesterday, I was outside and I saw a large praying mantis on a brick wall. I immediately knew that God was going to have me ask for prayers. Then this morning the Lord gave me a vision about humbling myself and being vulnerable to you on this blog.    Being vulnerable and open to share what I have […]

A Butterfly Must be Patient

A love letter from Jesus.    “A butterfly must be patient while waiting to emerge into change. Like a butterfly, I have given you words of Promise, to transform your life in appearance. Like a butterfly, everything will be completely different, with miracle DNA. From the caterpillar and cocoon, your beauty will spread like a butterflies wings, a most beautiful […]

You Will Recover ALL

This is a word for those who have suffered extreme losses in their life.    The winds of destruction came plunging through your life. Ransacked and spoiled by the enemy, the losses were far too great. Losing everything brought heartache and pain. In the shattered mess you would weep and weep until you no longer had the power to weep […]

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