Everything You Hoped For

A love letter from the Father     I understand that it hurt to be attacked when you were tired and barely able to put one foot in front of another. However, I am delivering relief and you’ll no longer be kicked around or left wanting.    Relax, those things that you have worried about are out of the picture. […]

I will do it all for you!

A love letter from the Father     I will help you. Take a deep breath and don’t worry, My treasured one. It’s still a little early, so have faith and trust that good things will come.   Don’t think the worst nor doubt My love, I will always be wonderful to you! Always look for the best and keep […]

Good News is Coming Your Way

A love letter from Jesus       Take it easy and relax, like reclining on a boat that gently drifts along. It’s going to be okay–I have everything handled! Climb on board and allow Me to take you to a uniquely beautiful place out beyond the farthest ocean depths.    Get ready for a trip that you will never […]

Watch and See What I Do!

A love letter from the Father       My dear, precious child. I have carried you through the wilderness and through so many difficult things. I will not abandon you now, when you need Me, and depend on My help. My promise to you is unconditional and it will remain active no matter what.   I am committed to […]

Flowing Forward

A love letter from Jesus     No more tears, no more crying. I will answer your prayers and save you from the need that is coming. Entrust yourself to My care and don’t be afraid. Trust My provisions to flow up like a bubbling fountain when you need it.    A river of My endless love is moving within […]

Super Surprise

A love letter from the Father     Beloved, true love stories never end and My favor on your life will never stop. Expect to receive a continuous flow of My ever-loving provisions coming to relieve your troubles–one by one.    What is your request? My dear one, all you need to do is ask and that is a promise! […]

Good things will just come

A love letter from the Father     You have been carrying burdens that you should not have to carry. Lay every last fear and worry into My hands and trust Me to take care of you with the ultimate demonstrations of kindness and love. My promises will never fail you and I will never disappoint you!   I am […]

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