Lifted to a New Place

A love letter from Jesus.        Change is not always comfortable, but letting go of yesterday will lift you up into a new and deeply desired place. As you ride the winds of change, I will turn your dreams into a present reality. Your troubles and sorrows will not last. Resist running back to the familiar. It’s time […]

Curse One

  Over the past several years I have been writing a book with Holy Spirit about the hidden treasure of revelation that He has shown me regarding curses that were in my life. There were 2 curses that I have had to stand in faith against and this is about one of them. I am hoping in the next “Faith […]

A Harvest Day of Blessings

A Letter from Jesus about Promise.    “Harvest day is when the seeds that were planted become fully ripe, like perfectly sweetened fruit or a flower in the beauty of full bloom. Way down deep in the soil of your being, my blessings were planted. As the seeds sprouted with my tender care, your roots grew deep into my love, […]

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