In the Palm of My Hand

A love letter from the Father       Beat the heat of these pressures and find refuge from the war. You are safe in the palm of My hand–and I will protect you! I love you beyond measure, so expect good news. Be optimistic that things will turn out just as you hope.   I am guarding every detail […]

The Revealing of Hidden Beauty

A love letter from the Father       Breathe, cherished child. It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry, everything will be better than you think. I am revealing hidden beauty from the places where you have been afflicted the most.    Although you suffered very much from robbery and injustice, there is good news for the poor. I am […]

Extra Dose of Love

A love letter from the Father     You have prepared for this moment for a very long time. You planted your roots deep and intertwined them through the stability of My words and personal promises. Good food requires good soil and you have done the work. You know how to move by faith and you have grown confident in […]

Sooner Than You Know

A love letter from the Father     From the surface of this situation, it seems like a storm-tossed ocean in chaos and upheaval. The ocean waves came rolling in with force, crashing in with a fury of troubles that seem so real.    Although the symptoms that you see are active on the surface, My promise remains unmovable under […]

A Time of Renewal

A love letter from Jesus   It has been a very long journey and now I am setting the tone for a whole new beautiful story. Let’s get you feeling like yourself again. This is your comeback from the affliction as you are placed in a nice comfortable seat and a sturdy foundation.     The season of your life is […]

Sea of Tranquility

A love letter from the Father.        Like an astronaut touching down on the Sea of Tranquility, I have poured out My blessing on the weary and devastated place.    In the dark lunar mare, where the fire of affliction once burned, there is now peace and the restful security of relief. As the moonlight heralds timekeeping to […]

Shine with Hope

A love letter from the Father.        Be expecting something good and prepare your mind as you look forward with confidence. Let your light shine with hope and what you are seeking will be outwardly revealed. How you see Me will determine the level of your experience. I will show up with good news to give you what […]

It Can Be Such a Surprise

A love letter from Jesus.        In the center of the ballroom dance with the Me, the King. Let Me take the lead and come into perfect harmony. With eyes only on each other, sway to My heartbeat. I am the hope of hopes and the dream of dreams–a Gift to bring your prayer into reality.      […]

Where You Belong

A love letter from the Father     Winds of elevation are lifting you up to the high place where you belong and you will encounter new heights and dimensions of My personal love. Mount up into a place of expecting to see your promises because the speed is picking up. With exultant gladness anticipate the instant fulfillment of a […]

The Tide Has Turned

  A love letter from Jesus.      Quiet dear heart, come into calmness. Relax your shoulders and bring your thoughts into the serenity of stillness. My love is breaking off the troubles. This day is set apart for honor and blessing. So do not weep nor be sad. Let go of the worries, I will take care of everything. […]

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