When All You Have Left Is Hope

    It is difficult to share this right now because I am moving out of my place of introverted comfort and I am feeling extra vulnerable.   I have also been battling the thoughts that ‘no one cares anyway, so don’t even bother sharing’, which is probably a lie, but still doesn’t help me to be open. It has […]

I Will Help You

A love letter from Jesus.      “My plans are not to hurt you. Remember My kindness and trust that My words will not fail you. Find serenity at this moment and do not be afraid about what will happen. Don’t overthink things. Nothing that you fear will come. Everything is going to turn out as you hope.     […]

A Butterfly Must be Patient

A love letter from Jesus.    “A butterfly must be patient while waiting to emerge into change. Like a butterfly, I have given you words of Promise, to transform your life in appearance. Like a butterfly, everything will be completely different, with miracle DNA. From the caterpillar and cocoon, your beauty will spread like a butterflies wings, a most beautiful […]

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