An Unspeakable Pain

    My thanksgiving was just a cozy little time with the kids. We made a really simple dinner and enjoyed the comforts that God had supplied in this place. It was all going so nice but then I was taken back by something that I didn’t anticipate.    Have you ever buried something unspeakably painful? That is what happened. […]

Missing the Dance

    I went through a time of a deep heart decision over the past week. God had (yet again) miraculously covered our room for the November 21st deadline and I was so utterly exhausted of having my faith stretching to such extreme levels. I decided that I was getting off of this ride and that I would find some […]

Scars of a Swan

    I’ve been in a fight over the past season because I have not wanted to move forward with the changes that are coming. Like a best friend often does, God has shared with me some of the places where my future leads. The road gets very dark and disturbing in places, but He has given me promises of […]

No More Suffering

A love letter from Jesus     Always walk with your head held high. You are constantly connected to My promises. I will protect you under My wings and provide you with an abundance, even when you are besieged with fears from your enemies.    I will lift you out of the onslaught of troubles and I will abort the […]

Even More Love

A love letter from the Father     I understand your worries and it is going to be okay. The tides of change are washing away the persistent pain and unrelenting warfare. What used to be is being replaced with what is, as My love comforts and calms you from the threat of every fear.    You will feel much […]

Cut the Cord

    For the past week, I have not been myself. I would put on a “happy face” but secretly I was feeling terrible stress and sorrow. There was something that came up unexpectedly that took the wind out of my sails. It was something so deeply personal that I could not even share it. Instead, I went into a […]

Everything Will Be Completely Different

  A love letter from Jesus   The troubles that you know are changing into something much more enjoyable. Just take a moment to breathe and you will be feeling better.    Everything will be okay. You don’t have to be afraid, I will stay right here with you. When undesirable things come along, it is the perfect opportunity for […]

My promise to you is still the same

A love letter from the Father     I know that you are aching down to your roots. Lay your fears into My hands sink deep into My all-protective love. I will be a fortress of security all around as you recline with relief into My goodness. Never stop believing in a happy ending.   There is another perspective than […]

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