Life Support

A love letter from Jesus. “You are safe in My Omni-presence, as the support of your life. When troubles surround you, My love will save you. I have you covered on every side, behind you and before. I have placed My hand gently on your shoulders. Nothing can happen to you apart from My Sovereign sight. If you make a […]

Times of Refreshing

A love letter from Jesus.      “These are times of refreshing, enjoy this day and dwell in My gladness. Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day with overflowing gratitude. Tell Me every detail of your life, My peace which surpasses all understanding, will keep and protect your heart […]

Expanding in Love

A love letter from the Father.   As you stood on the edge of the cliff, you held onto only faith, fully trusting in Me. Everything that you had known to be secure before was blown away. The afflictions that you have suffered have been a stretching of your faith. Faith blooms best in adversity. The bad only prepared you […]

A Bold Prayer Answered

  Your prayers have been heard, every tear understood. No sooner than you started your prayer, an answer was already given. Holy Spirit walks alongside you, making prayers out of your wordless sighs. Every detail of your life is working to good. You are a much-loved Child of God.    Come boldly to the throne of God, let your lips […]

Trust in Me

My Child, You are standing at the beginning of the fulfillment of what I have promised you. Because you have surrendered all control to me and set your heart to trust me, I will show myself strong for you in JUSTICE and in POWER. Because my word has already been spoken, you can rest with me to watch it bloom. […]

Traveling into the Deep Sea

  Like a turtle, she was planted in a nest that was deep in the sand. There were many battles that she had to face to find the peaceful stream of love. The deep sea of love was the cozy and safe place, where she rested from her problems. From the very beginning, her life was a struggle, having to […]

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