Another Level

A love letter from Jesus     Breathe, dear heart. Things are not truly as they appear or seem. This is a time for blessings and revenge against your enemies. Don’t believe the lies that there is no more support or nothing good for you. It is quite the opposite!    You have reached another level and there will be […]

Better, Not Worse

A love letter from the Father     Come closer beloved one and see your life through the beautiful words that I speak. Lean in with all of your heart and shut out the peripheral distractions that you see. Open your eyes and take in the plethora of My good news. Things are not getting worse, but they are improving […]

New Level

A love letter from the Father.      Now cling to this promise as I melt away the struggle. Know that I am with you and I will watch over you wherever you go. So live with faith and confidence in My power and goodness. A fountain will continue to flow to quench all of your needs. There will be […]

Breathtaking Elevation

    A love letter from the Father       You have entered a new place, nothing is as it was before. Hush now, My child, those fears are lying to you. The opposite of what you fear is what you can expect Me to do. Don’t assume the worst, this is unlike any place that you have ever been. […]

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