More than Meets the Eye

A love letter from the Father   While you are here in the dark, without a glimmer of help that you can see. I will rescue you and hide you in My favor and miraculous love, once again. Have no fear, I won’t disappoint you!    Have faith in what you prayed for–if you believe–anything can happen! Hope and anticipate […]

Come into an Abundance

A love letter from Jesus.        Like a weeping willow tree planted by cool streams of provision. Growing high means to grow deeper into trust, as your roots reach into the waters of My love. Let your branches droop low in surrender. Growing low to depend on Me will cause you to rise higher than the highest treetops. […]

A Prayer Meets a Butterfly

A love letter from the Father     This is a special meeting between a butterfly moment of change and the endurance of your hope coming through. The longsuffering of your hope brought up a manifested approval. I have remembered your prayer and I will fulfill the petition that you have made. Move on and don’t worry about this anymore, […]

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