Lavender Bloom Unhidden

    One of the ways that the Lord speaks to me prophetically is through nature. It has been that way since I was a child, talking to trees and singing to birds. This morning, the Lord “opened my eyes” to see bright lavender blooms “unhidden”. When the Lord shows me something that has been “unhidden”, it means that the […]

Come into an Abundance

A love letter from Jesus.        Like a weeping willow tree planted by cool streams of provision. Growing high means to grow deeper into trust, as your roots reach into the waters of My love. Let your branches droop low in surrender. Growing low to depend on Me will cause you to rise higher than the highest treetops. […]

A Prayer Meets a Butterfly

A love letter from the Father     “This is a special meeting between a butterfly moment of change and the endurance of your hope coming through. The longsuffering of your hope brought up a manifested approval. A hope that will not be disappointing for you. For I know your frame and I care about the imprint of your heart. […]

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