Miracle Breakthrough

A love letter from the Father     Although this walk has been exceedingly hard and it has hurt more than you ever imagined, you are stepping into an easier way of living.    Instead of trudging through the dirt of weariness and lack, you’ll walk in elaborate comfort and a lifted experience of plush blessings.    I am making […]

Here Comes the First Wave

A love letter from the Father       Darling child, why be troubled and cry? Don’t be afraid, only keep believing that something miraculous is about to happen. Relax, everything is going to be okay.   Take in a deep breath and exhale out the tensions from stress. Breathe, everything has been coming together, even though you didn’t notice […]

A Miracle Will Happen

A love letter from the Father      I will keep your dreams safe and sure, where no vermin can destroy and no thieves can break in and steal. Everything will happen on its own, there is no need to force anything.   While you may expect to see the subtle signs of change along the way, everything is being […]

Hiding in Plain Sight

A love letter from the Father.        Prepare to see what you hope as you move by faith to draw it out. Nothing is impossible, but it takes faith to manifest miracles from out of sight. It is difficult for something to be possible if you don’t believe that it can happen. In order for a desire to […]

Now You Will See and Believe

  A love letter from the Father.        In this place of profound grief and pain, the elegance that you once knew seems to droop like a flower that has wilted away. Loss after loss, it felt like a tornado ripped through the sun-lit way. Or like water running out of a shattered jar, you know very well […]

Problem into Promise

    In the last several weeks I have had four doctors tell me that I had to have surgery. Each in his and her own language filled me with imaginations of fearful and even deadly things that could happen if I didn’t have the surgery. Today I sat before meeting with a surgeon and I prayed and asked Papa […]

Unique Miracle

A love letter from Jesus.       I will provide for you for the rest of your life and I have promised to answer your prayers. I will always be more than generous to you. I promise that you will see good news!       Stay lifted up with the confidence of positive thoughts. I am the One who gives […]

Cyclone Cellar

A love letter from Jesus.       Follow Me into the cyclone cellar of My promise and find refuge from the whirlwind. There will be a miracle moment in this place, where your loveliest dreams come into being. In the center of the room, there is a ladder, entwined with the Vine of My intentional love.    You will […]

Miracle Change

A love letter from Papa.      Congratulations on making it this far. I know that you are tired and feel like your breath is almost out, so I am turning the discomfort into a double relief of comfort. Everything will be alright, the season has already changed. Living in pain is not where you belong.    O treasured soul, […]

Manifesting Miracles

A love letter from Jesus.      The rumbling thunder of opposition only comes when there are showers of blessings. So keep looking up with expectation, because something good is about to happen! Answered prayers are falling like shooting stars before your eyes.      Begin at the destination as you imagine the answer to your prayer and dwell with […]

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