Smooth Sailing

A love letter from Jesus     I love you and I will protect you from the fear of being disappointed. I have seen your flare for help and I am sending quick relief. I won’t let you hurt anymore in this way, so let your mind drift into this new romantic way of living.   Inhale the salty ocean […]


A love letter from the Father     I am fully aware of what you are needing. I will show up to take care of you–just as I promised. My words will never change or fail to support you. I will protectively care for you, My faithful friend.    There is still hope for today–anything can happen–even now! Everything that […]

Held In My Comfort

A love letter from Jesus     There are treasures for you in this time; when the thick clouds of fears and troubles cause darkness and cast shadows on the ground. The threatening skies passing through only heighten and accentuate the rich hues of foliage of My promise to support you.    Love comes from underneath–as the root sustains the […]

Not Lost At All

A love letter from the Father     You have had your share of troubles and you are familiar with being low and emptied out. But take heart! My promise to you is your personal victory, so do not grieve over how things seem at the moment.    The things that appear to be lost are not lost at all. I […]


A love letter from the Father     Stand on My promise. My love will never let you down or fail to supply you with comforting support. You can count on My faithful help to remain constant and enduring, always!    Focus on My words with all that you are and block out the distractions of doubt and worry. Use […]

Pleasantly Surprised

A love letter from the Father     Look up, dear one, and see the rescue of My love coming down like sparkling snowflakes fluttering to the ground. I will cause you to lift up over this difficulty, like a figure skater dancing on the frozen water.    Take the pressure off of yourself and entrust yourself into My keeping. […]

Because I Love You

A love letter from the Father     Look up from your grief and raise your head. Lift up your eyes, and watch your heart’s desire come to pass. I am not far away and you are being filled. The details of your life are always on My mind, always My concern. I love you, don’t ever doubt that!    […]

Biggest Upgrade Yet

A love letter from the Father     You are never alone in all of this. I will always stand up for you, My dear little one. You’ll be eased into comfort once again, as I provide you with rest on all sides from the clamor of enemy hate and chaos.    You will be relieved from distress and calmed […]

Beyond Amazing

A love letter from the Father       Although you have undergone unbelievable attacks, I am lifting you up with many surprises of My devoted love. It was hard, I understand. But the sweetness of the rise is made better by knowing the taste of being down so low.   Forget the past. Forget the pain. I can see […]

You are Blessed

A love letter from Jesus   Even in the scorching heat of this trial with the sun beating down on your skin, you are blessed. My Sovereign rule is chasing away the attack of famine and replenishing you in the places that are withered and depleted from moisture.    There will always be a constant supply. I am freeing you […]

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