A Fountain of Surprises

A love letter from Jesus     Although My promise to you may look laughably impossible, don’t count Me out or underestimate what I can do. I told you that I would cause you to laugh with sheer joy–and that is what I will do.    My dear, there is still time. Keep hoping to the end and remember that […]

A Gift of Laughter

A love letter from Jesus     My beautiful one, you are about to see that time is on your side. Being unable to save yourself is the very thing that will bless you and bring you wealth. My glorious power will erupt through your needs as My love vehemently creates a way for you.    Expect to see My […]

A Hero to Change Everything

A love letter from Jesus     My dear one, I have seen your miserable complaint and how you have chosen to stay optimistic with faith. Do not fear, I will not let you down. I love you too much! Forget your worries and rest easy. I will take over from here.    Sit back and watch as everything unfolds […]

Feel Free

A love letter from Jesus     Instead of being lashed by the waves of emotional turmoil from those troubles around you, I am giving you the confidence of total peace. You will see fulfillment on the outside of what has been promised within you    My love creates joy–it does not cause you affliction or pain. Bring yourself back […]

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