I eventually mustered up the courage to go to the salon, as I wrote about in the post, Identity Test. Sadly, the outcome left the beautician and myself mortified. Although it was a simple procedure, my hair started to fall out like crazy. Completely, unashamed, the girl tried to hide it from me and told me that I […]

Love Rush

    I have not liked roller coasters since I was a child. I also don’t like watching action-adventure, crime, horror, or drama movies (and shows) because it stresses me out. I am more for the lazy-river rides and I prefer happy movies that indulge my inner child with faith and wonder.    I also do not like the present […]


    I recently read about how a sheep will sometimes look at the greener pastures on another side and wander away. The problem is the sheep can become stranded and then he will depend on the Shepherd to rescue him in order to survive.    Like the sheep that decided to go his own way, I wandered into a […]

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