Dance on the Puddles

A love letter from Jesus.      “When problems come down like rain, making puddles all around you. Do not drown in your pain, but I tell you to ‘Live and Flourish’. An increase in problems is the evidence of an increase of My blessings quickly coming.     I will always take care of you and completely supply. I […]

The Flame

A love letter from Jesus. “As laying down the wood, that beckons for the Flame to come. A step of obedience that yields a life-changing reward. Like a lonely shepherd passing by, who stops everything to turn aside and gaze into the bright flame that is never consumed. He is dazed by the presence of the Most Holy One, the […]

Your Time is a Time of Love

A word for those selected who have been well acquainted with the furnace of suffering.    The twinkling lights have been hung on the banister. Evening brings a romantic breeze, while the Spanish moss sways in the trees. The air is rich with the splendid aromas of lilies and lavender, while violins play a whimsical theme. From out of the road […]

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