The Promise is Here

A love letter from Jesus.        Every prophetic message that I have given to you is attached to a sure fulfillment. I have told you in advance what will happen so that you can have the joy and peace of believing. Don’t be anxious about anything, but rest in My timing. I will never miss anything and I […]

Trust the Journey

A love letter from the Lord.    “A baby sea turtle takes a long and dangerous journey toward his ocean home. He follows the light of the moon that glimmers on the water through the unfamiliar wilderness of risk. He has an inner magnetic compass that pulls him into the necessary direction. Although he is small and helpless, yet he […]

Like Moses

A letter of encouragement to those who have been selected, like Moses.   Like Moses, your life was a miracle, from the very beginning. You were chosen and anointed by the hand of Adoni. You came from a broken childhood, so many battles you have faced. Mountains and hills of climbing, never getting a break. From your mother’s womb, you […]

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