Head for the Heights

A love letter from Jesus     I have traced My fingertips over your tears and I have listened to the sound of your pain-stricken prayers. Allow Me to calm your heart and relieve you of your fears. I will not, I will not, I will not in any way humiliate you or disappoint you.    I am your true […]

A New Leaf Every Morning

A love letter from the Father     Everything will be fine. Just sit tight and trust that I have things handled. It’s time to start something new. Trust Me to bring you into a beautiful new beginning as I deliver something to give you comfort.    I am always here for you when you need Me. I have chosen […]

Sweet To Be Loved

A love letter from the Father     Don’t be sad anymore or inconsolable with worrisome thoughts. It will be alright, there is nothing that can hurt you now. You will be astonished by My attention to detail and generous help.    I will be your Shelter through the storm and a mighty source of help. You are protected on […]

View From the Top

A love letter from the Father     The red carpet has been rolled out, as I take you up as My honorable guest. Just relax into My arms and watch how this story plays itself out. The tables have been turned in your favor and no matter what happens, you will end up on top.   I am here […]

The Finishing Touch

 A love letter from the Father     Let’s put on the finishing touch as you are endowed with Heaven’s help. Shake away the pain and rejection from the assaults. When one route closes a new one will be uncovered. My loving support is the center of who you are.    Let people say whatever they want and just laugh […]

Taken Up

A love letter from Jesus     Do not fear bad things or be anxious about what is coming. I am changing history for you to create a new ending. Your prayers have been heard and your heart understood. The path is changing to be a benefit for us both.   Don’t cry about those fears any longer, I will […]

Brighter Days Ahead

A love letter from the Father.      Plan on brighter days ahead. I have prepared a special feast of honor for you to change the heartache into laughter. You are being healed and restored at the root as I lift you up to unimaginable elevations.   Trust who I am for you–you are forever in My favor. Rest in […]


A love letter from the Father.      Welcome to a new chapter. You were once hidden in the dirt, like a seed containing the most exquisite fruit. And even while you still hold the remembrance of the smell of the earth, I am picking you up to a great place of esteem and favor.     You were chosen all […]

Changing to Honor

A love letter from the Father.      Every wrong turn of your life and deep regret has helped form you to be the true person of honor that you were made for. The past mistakes have been used to shape your character and genuine internal beauty. I will use your former troubles and regrets as a place to bless […]

I Will Hide You From Shame

  A love letter from Jesus.        Do not be worried, this battle is not yours–it is Mine. Do not be afraid, you will not be embarrassed. I will protect your honor and hide you from shame, like a pure and clean valance extending from where you are to the promises that I have given.    You are […]

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