Favorite Things

A love letter from the Father     I am here to console the heartache and provide you with much-needed comfort from the miserable situations. Don’t be worried about what will happen next. Lay your heart in My hands and just relax.    I know you feel better when you can see all of the steps. But just let each […]

It’s Time to Call the Shells In

A love letter from the Father.        Have no worries. The agitation that you have felt was like seafoam stirring up a much grander scale of answered prayers. The large waves of discomfort have dislodged special treasures that are normally not found. The deep need has pulled out the rescue of provision. The thirst called out the relief […]

To Their Surprise

A love letter from Jesus.     I had a silent sort of suffering happening for the past week and I found myself in a very broken and depressing place. My biggest battle was doubt and being able to trust God the way that I did before. It was horrible because it was like there was something blocking my ability […]

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