Don’t Look Back

A love letter from the Father     Allow Me to lighten you with the relief of what you can expect from Me. The best days are ahead. I am taking you to the next level and lifting you to the top. You will encounter exceedingly more of My goodness than you have ever thought.    Your onward days will […]

No More Shallow Water

A love letter from Jesus.  In the desperate longing for change, I am answering your prayers. I am here to comfort you and dry away your tears. The drought is over. The end of this will be better than the beginning.   You will be comforted from your mourning by receiving relief from the affliction. There are no more shallow […]

Things are Different This Time

A love letter from Jesus.     Things are completely new this time. The shame of disappointment and the sorrow of the past suffering is over. Press forward and don’t look back. Keep moving ahead as you release the pain of the past. I will remind you of My good plans, over and over.     I am calling you […]

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