Here Comes the First Wave

A love letter from the Father       Darling child, why be troubled and cry? Don’t be afraid, only keep believing that something miraculous is about to happen. Relax, everything is going to be okay.   Take in a deep breath and exhale out the tensions from stress. Breathe, everything has been coming together, even though you didn’t notice […]

Out of the Blue

A love letter from Jesus     Calm your heart, My beloved one. There is no need to be afraid or worried about what could come. Don’t believe the threats of suffering or the worries of undesirable things that could take place.   Just the opposite is what you can expect, as I gently and consistently show you My protective […]

Scars of a Swan

    I’ve been in a fight over the past season because I have not wanted to move forward with the changes that are coming. Like a best friend often does, God has shared with me some of the places where my future leads. The road gets very dark and disturbing in places, but He has given me promises of […]

Turning in Your Favor

A love letter from Jesus     Don’t worry, I’ve got this! My timing is perfect. Just take a deep breath and exhale out your worries.  I will do exactly what I said that I would do.    I am bringing you immense relief, like being refreshed in a soothing sanctuary. Be completely stress-free, as you cast every worry to […]

The Revealing of Hidden Beauty

A love letter from the Father       Breathe, cherished child. It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry, everything will be better than you think. I am revealing hidden beauty from the places where you have been afflicted the most.    Although you suffered very much from robbery and injustice, there is good news for the poor. I am […]

Nothing to Fear

    A love letter from Jesus     Don’t be afraid, My dear. Don’t despair, My little darling. Calm your thoughts and listen to Me, I am right here to help you. I will save you from everything that you fear happening and I will hold you above the treacherous threats of undesirable outcomes.    I know that what […]

Hidden Things

    I was able to get my car fixed and that is such a relief. I am so thankful to not be stranded! I also was able to go to the doctor and I found out that I do not have strep throat. The bad part about that is it appears to be something worse and I will be […]

Better than you thought

    A love letter from the Father     Although you dreaded the worst, things won’t turn out bad, but it will all be much better than you thought. I will make good things happen for you and fill you with blessings too numerous to count.    Look at how far I have taken you and how I have […]

Water Effect

A love letter from the Father     Allow My love to come and settle you down to trust that something wonderful is going to happen. In the uncertainty that fearful situations present, rest in the certainty of a hopeful outcome and be confident that I will answer your prayer request. I am making everything come together beautifully to be […]

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