All Comforts Provided

A love letter from the Father     Easy now, you have nothing to fear; I’ll take care of you and your children. Have faith in what I have promised, even though you cannot see it yet. The pressure and weight of your problems are being lifted up to cause you to be pain-free and light on your feet.    […]

View From the Top

A love letter from the Father     The red carpet has been rolled out, as I take you up as My honorable guest. Just relax into My arms and watch how this story plays itself out. The tables have been turned in your favor and no matter what happens, you will end up on top.   I am here […]

Your Helper

    A love letter from Jesus      Things will speed up and move along swiftly now to take place faster than you realize. One thing will happen right after another as I cause things to be as I  promised. You will not be put to shame or disappointed.  I will not delay to give you the justice that […]