The Bounce Back

A love letter from the Father     Take heart, I am on your side. Change is happening without delay, as your pain is replaced with blessings. Like torrential rains that fall without warning, I am washing away the troubles and leaving you with relief and extra comfort.   Every moment has been working to bless you. All of the anguish, […]

In the Palm of My Hand

A love letter from the Father       Beat the heat of these pressures and find refuge from the war. You are safe in the palm of My hand–and I will protect you! I love you beyond measure, so expect good news. Be optimistic that things will turn out just as you hope.   I am guarding every detail […]

Turning in Your Favor

A love letter from Jesus     Don’t worry, I’ve got this! My timing is perfect. Just take a deep breath and exhale out your worries.  I will do exactly what I said that I would do.    I am bringing you immense relief, like being refreshed in a soothing sanctuary. Be completely stress-free, as you cast every worry to […]

Sweet To Be Loved

A love letter from the Father     Don’t be sad anymore or inconsolable with worrisome thoughts. It will be alright, there is nothing that can hurt you now. You will be astonished by My attention to detail and generous help.    I will be your Shelter through the storm and a mighty source of help. You are protected on […]

Surprises of Kindness

A love letter from the Father       Although you cannot see what will happen next or the twists and turns along the path, I will light the way and show you unordinary demonstrations of My protecting and provisional love. You will be rescued from every fear taking place. I will wrap you securely in the comfort of My […]

A Whole New World

A love letter from the Father.        Take My hand for an amazing and unforgettable adventure. I am bringing you into the fullness of your promise and highly-favored destiny. Surely you will be blessed a thousand times above and beyond all that you have hoped. Don’t worry dear heart, you cannot mess up this promise and there is […]

Catch of Favor

A love letter from Jesus.         Although you have mourned from a difficult time and have been suffering and un-comforted by the prolonged grief of hardship, let’s move over to the calmer waters to see the answer to your prayers coming up to smell the roses. I am jumping for joy to share with you a secret fishing […]

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