Change is Happening

A love letter from the Father       Even as life changes and spins around, you will be extraordinarily blessed and favored from My hand. Throw your worries away and look up with optimism and hope.    Don’t pay attention to the negative things, because I am putting you in a new light with new positive outcomes. Don’t be […]

Open Door

A love letter from the Father     Don’t be worried, My dear. I have already shown you what would come and it will happen just as I said. Don’t brace yourself to be heartbroken again, but look up with hopeful optimistic thoughts.    I have already promised you that the past pain would not happen to you again. Give […]

Miracle Breakthrough

A love letter from the Father     Although this walk has been exceedingly hard and it has hurt more than you ever imagined, you are stepping into an easier way of living.    Instead of trudging through the dirt of weariness and lack, you’ll walk in elaborate comfort and a lifted experience of plush blessings.    I am making […]

Turn it Around

A love letter from Jesus     Turn it around, there is always hope! Don’t be afraid, My dear, I am with you and ready to help you. Don’t doubt it, My life-saving love has always remained strong and steady through the rough patches and times of hardship.   Although it may look like there is no way to get […]

Missing the Dance

    I went through a time of a deep heart decision over the past week. God had (yet again) miraculously covered our room for the November 21st deadline and I was so utterly exhausted of having my faith stretching to such extreme levels. I decided that I was getting off of this ride and that I would find some […]

I will do it all for you!

A love letter from the Father     I will help you. Take a deep breath and don’t worry, My treasured one. It’s still a little early, so have faith and trust that good things will come.   Don’t think the worst nor doubt My love, I will always be wonderful to you! Always look for the best and keep […]


  A love letter from the Father     No more weeping or despair, My little darling. Lay your head upon My shoulder and come even closer. Rest securely in My arms as you are held, nourished, and comforted. I will always be with you to provide you with help and sustenance.   I said what I said–and I meant […]

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