Toasting Marshmallows

  The place where we stay is not like a normal apartment or housing situation. There is no lease, so if I do not pay the exact moment that the rent is due, then we have to evacuate immediately. It is through a vacation rental company and it is way more expensive than it ought to be.    We are […]

Extra Dose of Love

A love letter from the Father     You have prepared for this moment for a very long time. You planted your roots deep and intertwined them through the stability of My words and personal promises. Good food requires good soil and you have done the work. You know how to move by faith and you have grown confident in […]

Sea of Gold

A love letter from the Father   Everything is going to be alright. Come away for an adventure of a lifetime Let’s explore what is concealed in the unseen—there is something to be found in the water!    Take a deep breath and unload all of your worries into My hands. I am here to assist in materializing your dreams. […]