A Shortcut

A love letter from the Father      Don’t be afraid, My dear one—My beloved. Out of My enduring love, compassion, and concern–I will rescue you and carry you through this. I helped you before and I will help you again. I will care for you and keep My personal promise.    I am taking you through an easier and […]

Expect Fulfillment

A love letter from the Father        I revealed to you in advance what will happen but some days you just need to be reminded that everything is moving according to the plan and I have not forgotten My words. I am orchestrating every detail of your life to encounter My love and faithfulness–over and over. My promises […]

Raise Your Expectations

A love letter from the Father.         From enduring the beating waves and rain-wrapped tornado of warfare days, I promise to make up for all that you have been through. Ask anything and it will be given. Yes~resolve that the prayer is a promise.    Start with a victory and raise your expectations. I have given you a […]

In the Midst of Difficulties

    Sometimes the thing that keeps us from seeing the things that we hope for manifest can be the stronghold of our own thoughts. After several months of praying over a certain issue and seeing no results, the Lord gave me an inside look at what the problem was.       He showed me my thought foundation in […]

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