You are Expanding!

A love letter from the Father   You don’t need to worry about how to transform your life into what I promised, I will handle that part. Like a woman who first becomes pregnant, sometimes it takes time to seem real in her mind, even though the new life is already growing.    As her body begins to change, she […]

Big Enough Umbrella

A love letter from the Father     My dear little one, do you think that I would leave you empty and helpless in your place of need? Look up from your grief and you will see that the help of My loving support is not far away.    I will comfort you in the place of your need and […]

Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled

A love letter from Jesus      Do not let your heart be troubled. Let nothing make you afraid as I comfort you on every side. Trust more and worry less. I will never give up on you. I am with you in the rise and release of your sighs and mingled between your thoughts. Before you even prayed, an […]

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