An Unspeakable Pain

    My thanksgiving was just a cozy little time with the kids. We made a really simple dinner and enjoyed the comforts that God had supplied in this place. It was all going so nice but then I was taken back by something that I didn’t anticipate.    Have you ever buried something unspeakably painful? That is what happened. […]

Don’t Look Back

A love letter from the Father     Allow Me to lighten you with the relief of what you can expect from Me. The best days are ahead. I am taking you to the next level and lifting you to the top. You will encounter exceedingly more of My goodness than you have ever thought.    Your onward days will […]

The Beauty and Pain of Success

  A love letter from the Father    Stepping up to your calling and chosen place is like becoming a ballet dancer. The long rigorous training is like the wilderness season, preparing your heart and mind. Learning to wear and prepare the ballet shoes is about becoming one with who you truly are in your Father’s heart. The dancer’s shoes […]

The Return of Happiness

  A love letter from Jesus     Weeping through the night, through the loss and pain. There were times that you suffered what you never deserved. Tragedies and natural disasters both leave a trail of destruction behind. The storms that come never have the last say. I will make something beautiful out of your pain.   I will rewind […]

The Tiger Path of Success

The vision will not fail, it will surely come. On the Tiger path, you will chase it down. Even though there has been resistance, what has been against you is coming down. You are being elevated, a change is happening now. On the path that Jesus leads, the vision will manifest. Though it tarries, wait for it, because it will […]

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