Miracle Breakthrough

A love letter from the Father     Although this walk has been exceedingly hard and it has hurt more than you ever imagined, you are stepping into an easier way of living.    Instead of trudging through the dirt of weariness and lack, you’ll walk in elaborate comfort and a lifted experience of plush blessings.    I am making […]

From the Wound

A love letter from the Father       The night can be misleading and deceptive. It appears like there is nothing there when you are desperate to see the trace of an answered prayer.    Troubles can cause tears to flow like a faucet while being bathed in the cold and bitter moonlight. But the heart is still dreaming […]

Out of the Flood

A love letter from the Jesus       Although troubles have been pouring over your head, I have made you a promise and My promise still stands. You are unsinkable, despite how it looks. In the midst of the turbulent floodwaters rushing in, I am with you and I will help.    In this moment of insufferable pain and […]

This is When Things Turn Around

A love letter from the Father     Like a pearl that has been formed from an outside irritant that made its way into the oyster, I will use the difficulties that have been against you to comfort you and bless you.    This is when things turn around and everything becomes much better than before. I am always Sovereign […]

In the Palm of My Hand

A love letter from the Father       Beat the heat of these pressures and find refuge from the war. You are safe in the palm of My hand–and I will protect you! I love you beyond measure, so expect good news. Be optimistic that things will turn out just as you hope.   I am guarding every detail […]

It’s Not What You Think

A love letter from Jesus     Lovely one, this time is not what you think. I have hidden resources that are emerging to give you relief.  I am here to deliver a message of solace, in this place of feeling pressed past your limits and absorbed with grief.   I know every detail of what you need and I […]

Trust My Love

A love letter from the Father     Just because nothing seems to be moving, doesn’t mean it’s not. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay. Have a little faith in Me, I will not forget you in the time of your need.   Oh beloved, don’t be afraid of falling. I will help you find your way […]

Held In My Comfort

A love letter from Jesus     There are treasures for you in this time; when the thick clouds of fears and troubles cause darkness and cast shadows on the ground. The threatening skies passing through only heighten and accentuate the rich hues of foliage of My promise to support you.    Love comes from underneath–as the root sustains the […]

Things Are Getting Better Now

A love letter from the Father       Take a deep breath and calm down, things are getting better now. It may seem like life has been nothing but troubles and tears. It may be that everything that you have known has been very complicated and painful to endure.    I heard it when you prayed–I heard and I listened […]

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