When All You Have Left Is Hope

    It is difficult to share this right now because I am moving out of my place of introverted comfort and I am feeling extra vulnerable.   I have also been battling the thoughts that ‘no one cares anyway, so don’t even bother sharing’, which is probably a lie, but still doesn’t help me to be open. It has […]


    There was a strange twist that happened this week and it was unlike anything that ever happened before. All of this time. I hid my weakness from the company that I had been renting from. I tried to make them think that I was rich and working on a business trip. I was not doing that to be […]

Biggest Upgrade Yet

A love letter from the Father     You are never alone in all of this. I will always stand up for you, My dear little one. You’ll be eased into comfort once again, as I provide you with rest on all sides from the clamor of enemy hate and chaos.    You will be relieved from distress and calmed […]

A Little Lamb With Wobbly Legs

    Before this week even started there was this line to a song that the Lord kept singing to me. The lyrics He was singing was about when we need to make a decision and don’t know what to do, that He will be there to guide us. Even if we make the wrong choice, He will be ready […]

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