Everywhere That You Look

A love letter from the Father       There is no need to worry or be afraid. Be at peace. I will answer your cries with boundless grace and compassion.    Don’t panic about what will happen. I am with you! Stay hopeful and expect good things. You will always get the best outcomes from Me!    I will […]

A Comfortable Resting Place

A love letter from the Father.      I am taking you on a soul retreat to open up to you the intricate details of My personal love. You are being elevated to a place that is wonderfully good so that you can take a break from living in fear of not having enough. This is a place unlike anything […]

Out of the Battle

  A love letter from Jesus.    I am pulling you out of the battle. Your circumstances are going to change to give you ease. You will enjoy the comforts of relief. recovery and rest. I can take every trouble from here, it is time to lay your worries down. Don’t be afraid of anything, I am here to comfort […]


  A love letter from Jesus.       Like ‘forget-me-not’ flowers that release their intoxicating fragrance in the darkness, yet their fragrance is concealed when the sun comes out. The suffering of the night season has brought out the immensity of your blessings.   This is your renewal from the misery and distress. Instead of the torment from attacks, […]

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