A love letter from the Father     I am fully aware of what you are needing. I will show up to take care of you–just as I promised. My words will never change or fail to support you. I will protectively care for you, My faithful friend.    There is still hope for today–anything can happen–even now! Everything that […]

To Show You How Much You Are Loved

A love letter from the Father       You will weep no longer, My lovely child. I will be gracious to answer your cries for help. Don’t be afraid, My dear little one. How truly I love you! I will remember to take care of you and show you how much you are loved.    You are like a […]

Sudden Turn-Around

A love letter from the Father   Allow Me to speak with tenderness and kindness to your heart; as One who comforts those who mourn. Just remember, I will always come through for you, even when it looks like I won’t. So rise up and take back your confidence because you will love this even more!    Wipe the tears […]

All Comforts Provided

A love letter from the Father     Easy now, you have nothing to fear; I’ll take care of you and your children. Have faith in what I have promised, even though you cannot see it yet. The pressure and weight of your problems are being lifted up to cause you to be pain-free and light on your feet.    […]

Biggest Upgrade Yet

A love letter from the Father     You are never alone in all of this. I will always stand up for you, My dear little one. You’ll be eased into comfort once again, as I provide you with rest on all sides from the clamor of enemy hate and chaos.    You will be relieved from distress and calmed […]

Sometimes Blessings are Found in the Storm

    Something came unexpectedly and I was met by a heavy heart and worry when threatened by a terrifying situation. Grief melted down my face when I looked at the fears that were projecting a different outcome than what God had promised.   Circumstances threatened horrible things, like being hunted by a lioness who was hungry and showing her […]

Blankets of Love

A love letter from the Father       You are on a destined path, even if you cannot see it yet. I have an alternate ending to what you fear to give you tears of joy–despite what your enemies are planning. Sometimes the best source of relief is to target the root of the problem as every weed of […]

The Finishing Touch

 A love letter from the Father     Let’s put on the finishing touch as you are endowed with Heaven’s help. Shake away the pain and rejection from the assaults. When one route closes a new one will be uncovered. My loving support is the center of who you are.    Let people say whatever they want and just laugh […]

Taken Up

A love letter from Jesus     Do not fear bad things or be anxious about what is coming. I am changing history for you to create a new ending. Your prayers have been heard and your heart understood. The path is changing to be a benefit for us both.   Don’t cry about those fears any longer, I will […]

Kisses in the Snow

    A love letter from Jesus     In the midst of your distress and trouble, I am causing the kisses of My love to manifest with worry-free blessings. Like the snow that absorbs the chaotic sounds, you will be immensely loaded with hidden riches in the very place of warfare.    Coming at a time that bypasses all […]

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