Make Room

A love letter from the Father     My darling child, don’t worry about a thing. It’s time to get out of the thoughts of survival and make room for the fulfillment that you have requested from Me.    Surrender into the outcome that you prayed about and embrace the joy of a whole new life. Rest under My wings […]

Yet Again

A love letter from the Father     I know everything that weighs heavy on your heart, every sigh, and every concern. There is no need to over-think or worry, everything will be okay. Things will turn out just as you hope and your path will always be paved with triumph and serenity.    Even when it seems like you […]

Turn it Around

A love letter from Jesus     Turn it around, there is always hope! Don’t be afraid, My dear, I am with you and ready to help you. Don’t doubt it, My life-saving love has always remained strong and steady through the rough patches and times of hardship.   Although it may look like there is no way to get […]

Utterly Unexpected

A love letter from Jesus       Take your mind off of all of these things that cause you to fret and worry. Everything is not as it seems. Don’t get lost in a moment of the darkness, when you cannot see what will happen or how things will be.   I’m telling you, My beloved treasure, don’t panic. […]

The Rescue

A love letter from the Father     I know that you love Me with all of your heart because you laid down your plans and desires to trust Me first. You chose to take Me at My word and you followed My voice even when you were afraid and rejected by others.   You trusted in My promises, even […]

Surprises Happen Every Day

A love letter from the Father     Dear little child, don’t worry about a thing, because nothing bad is going to happen. I give so much attention to the wind, the seedlings, and such things that are rarely ever seen. Of course, I will attend to your needs. I love you and I will give you My best!   […]

I’ve Got You!

A love letter from the Father       Tender heart, just relax. Take a deep breath and remember what I have promised. I have carried you all along and My vow to care for you will continue. Calm your heart and do not worry, I’ve got you!    My promise to you still stands and there is nothing bad […]

Everywhere That You Look

A love letter from the Father       There is no need to worry or be afraid. Be at peace. I will answer your cries with boundless grace and compassion.    Don’t panic about what will happen. I am with you! Stay hopeful and expect good things. You will always get the best outcomes from Me!    I will […]

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