Revealing the Hidden

A love letter from the Father      Take a deep breath and quiet your thoughts. I am now revealing the hidden workings of My intentional love. You will see what I have been doing behind the scenes and you’ll discover My fingerprints in every detail.    You will see My unseen movements as I suddenly open up paths that […]

Time After Time

A love letter from the Father     I promise you, I will always be there with you, as your most compassionate and reliable friend. When you are tempted to doubt, cling tenaciously to what you hope to occur with absolute trust in My kindness to help.    I formed the vast heavens and shaped every last detail and I […]


A love letter from the Father.      It is time to put your mind at ease. I see every detail of your life and I planned ahead for everything. You will be comforted again with extra comfort for every pain. By encountering My goodness time after time, you will learn to truly trust Me and remain completely relaxed in […]

Blessed to be a Blessing

A love letter from the Father.        I am proclaiming a season change. Here now, you are moving into better days. Like muscat grapes expecting an early bloom, I am taking you into a more comfortable space. You will be protected from the harsh warfare of bitter winds. I am giving you so much joy to ease your […]