Scars of a Swan

    I’ve been in a fight over the past season because I have not wanted to move forward with the changes that are coming. Like a best friend often does, God has shared with me some of the places where my future leads. The road gets very dark and disturbing in places, but He has given me promises of […]

Beauty Under the Stars

A love letter from the Father     This time is like the phase of a new moon, it is the change that you cannot see. The new moon rises in the daylight but appears absent in the night, as the bright side of the moon faces away from the Earth. The new alignment causes the moon to be too […]

A New Leaf Every Morning

A love letter from the Father     Everything will be fine. Just sit tight and trust that I have things handled. It’s time to start something new. Trust Me to bring you into a beautiful new beginning as I deliver something to give you comfort.    I am always here for you when you need Me. I have chosen […]

The Revealing of Hidden Beauty

A love letter from the Father       Breathe, cherished child. It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry, everything will be better than you think. I am revealing hidden beauty from the places where you have been afflicted the most.    Although you suffered very much from robbery and injustice, there is good news for the poor. I am […]

Not How It Looks

A love letter from the Father     Just breathe and relax the tensions from your shoulders. Everything will be better than you hope. I am walking alongside you to provide you with security and deliver continuous comforts.    Even if the ground that you are walking on begins to shift or crumble apart, the beauty of My promise will […]

Time to Bloom

A love letter from the Father     I know that you have walked through the embers of shame, loss, and deterioration. It has hurt beyond what you have ever thought, like old withered flower petals that have burned down to ash. Yet, the intense flames of devastation have cleared out the shrubs and weeds to allow for new flowers […]

Pearls of Comfort out of Despair

A love letter from the Father     All of your needs will be generously provided during this time. I am going to cause blessings to come out of the hurt and hidden pearls will emerge from out of the despair. The absence of hope from the overwhelming despair is being transformed into a tangible comfort–like creating the iridescent layers […]

Curse of a Caterpillar

A love letter from Jesus     Every time the caterpillar molts, she grows bigger and develops new skin folds. It is like going in circles and always expanding–she dreams of a butterfly life while being absorbed in a plump caterpillar body.    Yet the caterpillar was designed for a much loftier purpose. The caterpillar eats nonstop–chewing and absorbing each […]

The Beauty of Confidence

A love letter from Jesus     Skip through time and enter the beauty of confidence. Take a deep breath and remember that I am in control, as you are enveloped in an ocean of peace that passes all circumstances.     Close your eyes to what you fear and we will be at the place of your heart’s desire in […]

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