You Will Get It

A love letter from Jesus.      Dear friend, you will get what you seek and more than you think. You can count on Me for sure, so have faith and trust. Don’t determine what will happen by the disappointment from before. All things are possible if you only believe them.      Lift up your hands to receive without […]

A New Foundation for Expectancy

A love letter from Jesus.        I will end the suffering and send relief from the trouble. Watch and see what I will do. Give Me the doubts that make you afraid and I will cause your life to explode with joy and wells of abundance. The afflictions that you face today will suddenly break off and fall, […]

Traveling into the Deep Sea

  Like a turtle, she was planted in a nest that was deep in the sand. There were many battles that she had to face to find the peaceful stream of love. The deep sea of love was the cozy and safe place, where she rested from her problems. From the very beginning, her life was a struggle, having to […]

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