Validated by God

An emperor penguin can withstand the coldest, most frigid temperatures. He has the highest density of feathers of any bird. He is highly adapted to life in the water. He dives deep into the freezing cold waters to catch his food.   The Lord often shows me a penguin when He is talking about victory in overcoming the strongest warfare, […]

The Return of Happiness

A love letter from King Jesus to those in the valley of suffering. “Weeping through the night, through the loss and pain. There were times that you suffered what you never deserved. Tragedies and natural disasters both leave a trail of destruction behind. Sometimes sorrow can never answer ‘why’? A death that came like a shadow of the night, left […]

Wrapped in a Healing Anointing

A word of healing to those who are seeking to heal, from Jesus, the Chief Shepherd King, “My name is an aroma of oil poured out. Like a cluster of Henna blooms tucked inside a fountain of youth, My anointing is the true source of power. I give you joy from your suffering and praise from the anguish. As your […]

Reaching with Faith

This is a word story that is very personal to me. It is inspired by the Biblical story of the woman with the issue of blood. Through faith and revelation from Holy Spirit this story was built, in hopes to boost faith to the reader to receive a miracle from Jesus. To take abiding in Jesus even deeper, the Lord […]

Rising into High Places

You are going up to high places, it’s a time to ascend. Think like a child and always trust where Jesus calls. He will take you to the place of your promised destiny. Refusing all fear, know that you are wrapped in His love. You are called and chosen, covered in the depths of God’s grace. Like a deer panting […]

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