What You Have Been Aching For Will Come

  A love letter from Jesus.      “With the flower, there is long awaited beauty, often following the pain of growth. Blooming can hurt sometimes. The tender green plant releases chemicals signaling cries of distress. The flower groans when her leaves are cut as she is carefully pruned to bear more fruit. Her shoots capture light and she grows […]

Waves of Change

A love letter from Jesus.    “In the waves of change, use My promises as keys to refill your faith. I am your Sovereign rest. You can lay every circumstance in My hands. Be brave, and do not fear. I am here. Don’t let fear take you out of a place of rest.   Come and join Me, let’s walk over […]

Traveling into the Deep Sea

  Like a turtle, she was planted in a nest that was deep in the sand. There were many battles that she had to face to find the peaceful stream of love. The deep sea of love was the cozy and safe place, where she rested from her problems. From the very beginning, her life was a struggle, having to […]

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