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I believe that God cares about every detail of your heart. After all, He created it. The Father numbers all of your wanderings and collects your tears in a bottle. Your life is very special to the Father, as every detail of your footprint is unique. One thing is certain, He loves to show you His intentional love. He knows when you sit or when you stand, how precious are His thoughts towards you! I would be delighted to help you lift your cares into the compassionate Hands of God.



“Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you”  1 Peter 5:7




You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way,
    and in kindness, you follow behind me
    to spare me from the harm of my past.
    With your hand of love upon my life,
    you impart a blessing to me.

Psalm 139:5 TPT