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As a Friends of Refreshing partnership, you will be helping this ministry to reach more hearts through the Father’s heart of generosity and giving. Our vision is to be a conduit of giving to those in need, to bring relief from suffering, healing, and a personal experience of discovering God’s intentional love. In return you will receive a monthly refreshing that has been personalized just for you!



With a monthly support gift of $50 or more, you will be blessed with a monthly personalized email created by the Holy Spirit just for you to bring instant refreshment. The love letters that the Lord gives through this ministry are a delicious meal for the soul to keep your faith nourished and strong. This is a perfect complement, by giving a burst of hope through a short personalized email message of encouraging spiritual support, as well as future benefits to come. 



This ministry is expected be an epic source of love to those in deep need, bringing the rescuing salvation of Jesus to many. There will be an actual refuge of covering for a very desperate and critical time. The Lord is also calling us to build an online school to help others create love letters through the personal love dance with Jesus.



In addition there are so many books in development, as well as in person teachings and traveling ministry presentations. There is so much beauty yet to come and this is only the beginning. I hope that you will choose to sow into our very nourishing ground and may you be multiplied with exceedingly more than you can hope or imagine! 




Love Dannette Lynn

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