Delivering Diamonds

A love letter from Jesus.      Soak up My love and worry less. I am always your best friend, ready to bring comfort through every up and down in your life. You never need to fear, because I am always here.      Everything will be okay. Let go of everything that has unsettled your soul and give it […]

Swim Over the Bully Ducks

    I was in a little park with my daughter yesterday. There was a beautiful small lake that was full of ducks. I started to see something happening, as I watched the ducks. There was a white duck that was much larger than the other scruffier looking brown ducks. Over and over, I would witness that the white duck […]

Something Bigger

A love letter from the Father.        Your prayers of the unseen are coming into being. I have moved you into a new place of My promise and the experience that was afflicting you has officially ended. Refuse any thought that tells you otherwise and let out a confident sigh. Allow the comfort of My words to be […]

Rain of Recovery

A love letter from the Father.      Have no worries! There is no power in the sky above or the earth below that can stop the blessing of My love from reaching your location. The enemy that came against you will be scattered to frightfully flee from you in seven different directions and what the thief has stolen will […]


A love letter from the Father.        A caterpillar changes into an exquisite butterfly during metamorphosis as a hormone changes how a DNA expression works. During a butterfly transformation, the DNA remains the same, but the selection of what genes are turned on and off is what creates the miraculous transformation. Gene regulation is what gives butterflies their […]

Unexpected Change

A love letter from the Father.       Like leaves changing colors and floating away, this is a time of endings and beginnings. Things will happen out of season, to bring an unexpected change. An end is also a beginning and a loss is an indication of an open door to receiving double. New blessings are opening without a fight […]

Dream a Little Dream

A love letter from the Father.        Dream a little dream at a level above your circumstances. It’s all going to be good so exhale the worry and recline in the shadow of My presence. Precious one, assume that your prayer has been approved. Believe that you have received the desire and it will be done.    As […]

Returning Transformed

    I had been sensing that we would have to leave the place that we were at for our protection. The discomfort of the atmosphere was getting thick and then a door opened for us to go. We followed the Lord to a different town and it was bittersweet.    The sweetness was in the beauty of the town […]

Planting Trees

    The other morning the Lord showed me that He wanted me to explain this miracle mystery to you for supernatural resources. Long before I knew anything about where I am now, the Lord gave me lessons in my dreams. He would show me a woman in the boiling hot sun, like a desert. It seemed like there was […]

It’s Time to Call the Shells In

A love letter from the Father.        Have no worries. The agitation that you have felt was like seafoam stirring up a much grander scale of answered prayers. The large waves of discomfort have dislodged special treasures that are normally not found. The deep need has pulled out the rescue of provision. The thirst called out the relief […]

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