I wasn’t even sure if I would post a new update, because I was only able to get a quick moment to catch my breath. I posted in my last update that I was believing in a miracle and that God would show up like He promised to cover our room.    He did exactly that and I […]

Because Anything is Possible.

A love letter from Jesus     Come closer dear, far away from your troubles and worries. Let Me protect you from the outside clutter and chaos. Get away from the pain as I help you unwind and breathe freely.     Don’t worry so much about what will happen, I will always give you a chance to relax before a […]

When All You Have Left Is Hope

    It is difficult to share this right now because I am moving out of my place of introverted comfort and I am feeling extra vulnerable.   I have also been battling the thoughts that ‘no one cares anyway, so don’t even bother sharing’, which is probably a lie, but still doesn’t help me to be open. It has […]

Extra Comfort

A love letter from the Father      I know this is hard to do with everything that you have been through. I want you to know that you are not alone. I will always be there to shoulder your hurts and soothe your wounds.    Don’t get lost in the flood of difficulties and overwhelming threats of bad things […]

Holding the Horses

    I can honestly say that I have never felt a more intense faith pressing than I have had this week. Literally, everything that God is saying is going to happen is upside down and opposite from how things look, feel, or seem.    I knew when the situation started to build pressure that I was going through a […]

I Promise to Take Care of You

  A love letter from the Father     I promise to take care of you. No longer cry over this thing–everything is going to work out perfectly. Even though it looks like there is nothing to help, allow Me to help you see clearly how this situation will turn out.    The heart of the matter is this–My personal […]

At Any Moment

A love letter from Jesus     I know how hard it has been to wait, but I knew all about your needs before you cried out. I have already taken care of everything and My provisions are on the way. Take a deep breath and decide to trust Me once and for all.   I want you to know […]

Rain on the Way

A love letter from the Father   Relax and rest, I have heard your cries. Even in the place of desperation and pain, I will pour out the blessings of plentiful rain. I will rescue you and shower you with blessings! Your place of emptiness and need will be restored and filled.    Although it looks like there is nothing […]

Things Are Getting Better Now

A love letter from the Father       Take a deep breath and calm down, things are getting better now. It may seem like life has been nothing but troubles and tears. It may be that everything that you have known has been very complicated and painful to endure.    I heard it when you prayed–I heard and I listened […]

Light On This Situation

A love letter from the Father     I made this time very special with detailed plans made just for you. Remember what I have told you, “I will make good things happen for you”. I will show up to take care of you and honor My words.    Every detail has come into place and every loose string has […]

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