It All Starts Today

    We got moved into the new place and it felt Heavenly…to everyone but me. I wanted to join in the celebrations but there was this heavy cloud hovering over me. The heaviness was that it is not over for me and I have been really worried and sad. The only thing that has changed is that we no […]

Like a Dream

    Earlier today, I hit one of my lowest points ever. I was shattered because what I had dreamed of happening was slipping through my fingers. I had to move out tomorrow and the housing company wanted me to pay for the new apartment that they offered to us. However, the amount I needed was huge and there seemed […]

Too Big to Forget

A love letter from Jesus     I understand that you hurt, but you’ll be okay. I am walking with you every step of the way, as the old friend that you can always lean on. It won’t be as bad as you fear, in fact, you will love how this all turns out.   I promise to show up […]

Listen to My Whisper

A love letter from the Father     Listen to My whisper, like listening to the trees. Hear the sound of My great revealing love, beyond this place of soul-crushing grief. Hear My breathing, like breathing in the mist from the clouds. I am inextricably intertwined with you in the deepest attachment.    Don’t lose hope just yet. The pressure […]

My Song

    Last night I dreamed that I was twirling and dancing before the Lord and He told me to sing the words. But then I told Him that I didn’t know the words anymore and I felt so lost.    The reason that I had forgotten the words is that I had taken my eyes off of His promise […]

Head for the Heights

A love letter from Jesus     I have traced My fingertips over your tears and I have listened to the sound of your pain-stricken prayers. Allow Me to calm your heart and relieve you of your fears. I will not, I will not, I will not in any way humiliate you or disappoint you.    I am your true […]

Love Over Fear

    I have never told anyone this before, but I have a major fear that I need to overcome. It is the fear of being seen ( my heart, emotions, and physically). Yesterday I posted my message on the Fb Diamonds page about the apartment (see here: an open message from my heart)   After only 6 hours, I […]

The Rescue

A love letter from the Father     I know that you love Me with all of your heart because you laid down your plans and desires to trust Me first. You chose to take Me at My word and you followed My voice even when you were afraid and rejected by others.   You trusted in My promises, even […]

An open message from my heart

    Over the past few days, I went through my blog and deleted about 151 posts about our faith walk with God over the past 4 years. I was trying to protect myself from attacks and I was snared by the fear of man.    At the very beginning of this journey,(see more here: our story) things started out […]

Falling Stars

A love letter from the Father   It’s been a long long time and I understand that you are worn down and in need of rest. In the whiplash of warfare, it can be hard at times to regain hope and expect the best. Let Me comfort you with some news that you have been needing.    Everything is going to […]

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