Letting Go

    The Lord took me into this vision about a week ago. In the vision, I was thrown down from a high place and I hit the ground so extremely hard. After a few seconds of feeling like I had the wind knocked out of me, I pulled out a checklist and crossed the pain of that moment off […]

Miracle After Miracle

A love letter from the Father     Let Me lighten your load. I am taking you into a time to relax, have fun, and get away from your troubles. Don’t be worried, there is nothing that you can do to mess up the fruition of what I have foretold.    You can count on Me always and forever. No […]

Time for a Feast

A love letter from the Father    Like the stars that dazzle across the black velvet of night, some of the most beautiful moments of your life will arrive in times when there didn’t appear to be anything in sight.    Lay your head back and gaze upon the glittering stars of the promises that I have made, like an […]

From Struggle to Comfort

    I would like to share that God rescued us and provided for us to not be homeless through the kind-hearted donations on this blog. Not only did we get the joy of not going back to a slimy motel room, but God made a way for us to stay in the same building that we have been at […]

More than you ever thought

A love letter from the Father       Don’t look at how far you have to fall, I won’t let you down or relax My hold on you. Instead, I am taking you to the next level. Put your hand in Mine and try to relax and take it easy. Be at peace, I am giving you the relief […]

Hidden Things

    I was able to get my car fixed and that is such a relief. I am so thankful to not be stranded! I also was able to go to the doctor and I found out that I do not have strep throat. The bad part about that is it appears to be something worse and I will be […]

Good things will just come

A love letter from the Father     You have been carrying burdens that you should not have to carry. Lay every last fear and worry into My hands and trust Me to take care of you with the ultimate demonstrations of kindness and love. My promises will never fail you and I will never disappoint you!.    I am […]

Your Life is About to Change

A love letter from the Father     Be at ease. Everything is under control and will be alright. Once again, this scene will shift with a surprise plot twist. Loosen the knots in your neck and give your worries to Me.    I will be all that you ever need! I am lifting away the tension so that you […]

Facing the Waves

    I had a dream last night and in the dream, Jesus gave me a chair to sit in. He said that I needed to have this chair facing the waves. All throughout the day, I started to understand that I was in some sort of storm. For starters, at the very beginning of the day, I gave everything […]

Following the Feather

  God always talks to me about “flying” as a way to stay above the terrifying circumstances by being focused on faith. He likes to show me Dumbo and how Dumbo was so mesmerized by getting the feather in front of him, that He would miraculously lift off of the ground and leave everyone who saw it in sheer wonder […]

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