Out of the Flood

A love letter from the Jesus       Although troubles have been pouring over your head, I have made you a promise and My promise still stands. You are unsinkable, despite how it looks. In the midst of the turbulent floodwaters rushing in, I am with you and I will help.    In this moment of insufferable pain and […]

The Bounce Back

A love letter from the Father     Take heart, I am on your side. Change is happening without delay, as your pain is replaced with blessings. Like torrential rains that fall without warning, I am washing away the troubles and leaving you with relief and extra comfort.   Every moment has been working to bless you. All of the anguish, […]

Everything You Hoped For

A love letter from the Father     I understand that it hurt to be attacked when you were tired and barely able to put one foot in front of another. However, I am delivering relief and you’ll no longer be kicked around or left wanting.    Relax, those things that you have worried about are out of the picture. […]

An Unspeakable Pain

    My thanksgiving was just a cozy little time with the kids. We made a really simple dinner and enjoyed the comforts that God had supplied in this place. It was all going so nice but then I was taken back by something that I didn’t anticipate.    Have you ever buried something unspeakably painful? That is what happened. […]

Early Arrival

A love letter from the Father       My cherished child, do you think that I would withdraw My promise from you or take back the words that I have already spoken? Of course not! My promise to you is here for good–as sure as the sun. My loving support for you is dependable as the phases of the […]

Missing the Dance

    I went through a time of a deep heart decision over the past week. God had (yet again) miraculously covered our room for the November 21st deadline and I was so utterly exhausted of having my faith stretching to such extreme levels. I decided that I was getting off of this ride and that I would find some […]

Utterly Unexpected

A love letter from Jesus       Take your mind off of all of these things that cause you to fret and worry. Everything is not as it seems. Don’t get lost in a moment of the darkness, when you cannot see what will happen or how things will be.   I’m telling you, My beloved treasure, don’t panic. […]

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