Identity Test

    For the longest time, I would say more than 2 years, I have been trapped in black. Now, let me explain. Because I did not have a conventional form of living as most people do, I had a very deep root of shame. I felt like I was less than the rest of the world.    So, I […]

Time to Bloom

A love letter from the Father     I know that you have walked through the embers of shame, loss, and deterioration. It has hurt beyond what you have ever thought, like old withered flower petals that have burned down to ash. Yet, the intense flames of devastation have cleared out the shrubs and weeds to allow for new flowers […]

Time After Time

A love letter from the Father     I promise you, I will always be there with you, as your most compassionate and reliable friend. When you are tempted to doubt, cling tenaciously to what you hope to occur with absolute trust in My kindness to help.    I formed the vast heavens and shaped every last detail and I […]

You are Expanding!

A love letter from the Father   You don’t need to worry about how to transform your life into what I promised, I will handle that part. Like a woman who first becomes pregnant, sometimes it takes time to seem real in her mind, even though the new life is already growing.    As her body begins to change, she […]

Healing in the Wilderness

    A few years ago when the Lord took us on a “mobile” lifestyle, to trust Him as our only source of support, it was so incredibly hard. We started in the tiniest hotels and it was very difficult to squeeze everyone into a room. Each child had a bed and I had made myself a little place to […]

Sooner Than You Know

A love letter from the Father     From the surface of this situation, it seems like a storm-tossed ocean in chaos and upheaval. The ocean waves came rolling in with force, crashing in with a fury of troubles that seem so real.    Although the symptoms that you see are active on the surface, My promise remains unmovable under […]

The Hope Stretch

    I am sitting here this morning in the posture of being stretched. The Lord told me that the provisions that I needed are hidden in the position of being stretched. So I have hope that in a little while, the promised relief will follow.    In this situation, to be stretched is holding a thought to a point […]

Comforted Again

A love letter from the Father     My friend, whom I dearly love, I will care for you always. Rest and truly trust My vows as I settle and soothe your mind. I will never desert you in your weakness or abandon you without help.   I will be your trusted comfort and lift you up from feeling downtrodden […]

In No Time At All

A love letter from the Father     I am here to make things right and hold you up with the materialization of My invisible promise. Do you think I would leave you helpless and in need or allow you to fall from the protection of My support? In no way at all!    I will not in any way […]

Pearls of Comfort out of Despair

A love letter from the Father     You are closer now than you have ever been and I have already planned ahead to lavishly support all of your needs during this pressing time.   I am going to cause blessings to come out of the hurt and hidden pearls will emerge from out of the despair. The absence of […]

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